Richard Bourne

Hourly Rate: £200

Product Design

Who Am I?

A high impact, energetic and execution focused IT Services professional with over 15 years’ experience across Advanced Services (Customer Experience (CX), Customer Success, Servitization), Business Transformation and Service Delivery.

Recognised for clarity of thought, creating order in chaos and with an inherent ability to drive change and align stakeholders. Highlights include leading Cisco’s Customer Success transformation program within a $13bn global services business, designing and executing the definition and recruitment of critical CX resources and overseeing the implementation of a global workforce system across disparate technical, business and cultural boundaries to improve customer experience and align cost structures to corporate financial targets.

Significant experience of working with senior executives up to and including CEO level to resolve the most pressing business and critical customer situations.

Richard can help with

Advanced Services (Customer Experience, Customer Success)

In Cisco I led the Services Customer Success Transformation Program for 18mths, taking it from a small group of people piloting approaches to a new CX Organisation, bringing together multiple pathways of learning to accelerate transformation under one board level leader.

This included:

Business Wide strategy and design (pilot/test/product/program/transformation/execution), Change Management, and prioritisation to focus on the most important areas to move forward.

Critical Issues/Turnaround Management

Turn around situations that require high energy/high impact/high-speed resolution.

I was Part of Cisco’s Critical Account Programs team, I dealt with emergencies where the standard process had failed. Typically, high focus, high risk, customer impacting and requiring a full suite of business resources to resolve (up to and inclusive of the CEO of Cisco, as well as financial and legal resources) – reliant on an ability to assimilate complex information quickly, while consecutively planning, communicating, driving and being accountable for execution to resolve said situation.

Business, Strategic and Operational Consultancy

Working with SME CEO’s and Board members to assess the current business state, strategic planning, operational processes, systems, people and required investment to improve overall business performance; developing a plan, prioritising approach and building teams to execute.

Detailed Strategic planning, identification of competitive advantage, development of sustainable competitive advantage and translation to a tangible plan to execute.

Operational design, process design, for both growth and efficiency.

Business Scorecard to drive focus/improvement/KPI’s to drive overall business success.