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Mark Iveson

Mark is an accomplished sales leader with a strong track record. He has built and run successful sales teams in SME organisations and lead winning engagement teams for global leaders in consulting, technology services and digital transformation for many years. Mark’s leadership style is inclusive, he encourages others to step up, be bold and take risks. He is as comfortable working with the board as he is with everyone else in the organisation and recognises that his stakeholder community is diversified and invested in achieving successful outcomes. He has an innate ability to demystify complex challenges and brings clarity to his engagements. He is adept at understanding what is required to be continually successful. Mark has diverse experience and has worked across Public Sector, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Service Organisations, Telephony, Media and others. He is currently leading engagements in the £10’s millions. Mark enjoys what he terms “conscious evolution” and is fascinated by developing himself on every level. When he is not scaling the UK’s mountains, he can be found advocating a focus on exercise and healthy nutrition. As a Master Practitioner of NLP and an ILM7 Executive Coach and Mentor, he actively helps senior leaders achieve balance in today’s often (very) testing environment.

Hourly Rate: £150-£200

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Sales Opportunity

Do we have an opportunity that we can win, want to win or need to win? Does opportunity qualification follow the same format every time or do we need to mature the process of qualification based on myriad related elements? How do we best interpret requirement and align the value proposition? What are our win themes and how do they influence our engagement and close plans?

Sales Messaging

As sales people, what we say must create action, otherwise there is no point in saying it. Proposals, presentations and meetings often focus on the wrong thing, giving energy to none core activities and missing the opportunity to create value. It is of paramount importance that all of our messaging conveys confidence and surety of outcome.

Sales Coaching

Sales people are an organisations greatest asset and need to be managed accordingly. The best, most productive sales people understand that the long-term success of their business (or personal brand) is dependent on delivering value to three important stakeholders: their employer, their customer and themselves. They understand that to neglect any corner of this tripartite relationship may have grave consequences, but this is often what we see – an otherwise highly productive sales executive stalling and ultimately coming in for a hard landing. His competencies haven’t changed but the world around her may have moved on, or, he may have just gotten in to bad habits. This is where sales coaching comes in to play by helping the exec rediscover the tools and abilities that set him aside in the first place.