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Mike Chapman

Experienced Management Consultant. Growth, Digital Transformation, Efficiency, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Certified Product Owner. Mike has great commercial experience in running fast growing organisations and a strong understanding in digital.

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Product Development and Commercialisation

Ideas for new and evolving businesses need validating and, in most cases the original idea will be very different from what your business ends up delivering. I can assist you in developing your concept through Lean and Agile methodologies and help you establish market fit and scalability.

Agile Transformation, Tech Delivery and Digital Innovation

Change in your business can often be quite dauntingas businesses need to bemore focused on ‘early and often’customer value and collaboration, move quicker to marketwhilst becoming more responsiveto changing circumstances. I can guide you through the change process, tech delivery and digital innovation projects that you embark on.

Growth & Strategy

Most companies have plans to grow their business and increase sales and profits. However, there are certain methods companies must use for implementing a growth strategy which are largely contingent upon its financial situation, the competition and even government regulation. I can work with you to create and deploy the correct strategy for your business whether it be market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification or acquisition.

Mike's Highlights


Co-Founder and CEO of an online marketplace for the construction and DIY sector. Winner of the largest seed funding competition in the UK.


Co-Founded and successfully exited a specialist staffing business for the supported housing sectorwhich is currently responsible for providing over 84% of night and weekend cover for the whole market sector.


Co-founded a specialist data storage business, which pioneered the technology for video to mobile devices. The business became the leading data archiving business in Europe and was responsible for integrating the first video to mobile platform in the UK for O2.